Your certainty

Buying a boat means a major expense. Of course, you should not do this without being absolutely certain of your affairs. You want the certainty that your boat is in good condition and you do not pay to much for it. If you put your boat for sale with us, you also want the certainty that your boat is sold in a reliable manner. In order to guarantee that certainty, we are affiliated to a number of foundations and Hiswa-certified.

Jachtmaelaardij Kappers is HISWA gekwalificeerd


We have been assessed by Hiswa as Hiswa-Qualified Yacht Broker. Hiswa safeguards the interests of both the buyer and the seller. Should a dispute occur, you will not be sent from pillar to post, but can instead appeal to the arbitration committee. Of course, we will do everything in our power to prevent this and will do our utmost to make sure that you leave our premises a satisfied customer. Additionally, this certification also means that all transactions take place via so-called third-party trust accounts. These accounts are randomly reviewed by Hiswa, thereby providing you with financial security.


Jachtmakelaardij Kappers is E.M.C.I Geregistreerd


Our yacht brokers are all EMCI-certified. After the swearing in of yacht brokers was abolished, EMCI was founded to safeguard the professional quality of people working in the sector. An EMCI-certified yacht broker has completed a successful educational programme to become a yacht broker, and is obliged to maintain his knowledge and skillset periodically. All our yacht brokers, therefore, possess a great deal of professional knowledge. You can trust our advice.

Additionally, we are attached to the NBMS, Nederlandse Bond voor Makelaars in Schepen (Dutch Association for  Ships Brokers). We consider it of the utmost importance to provide the best possible service to you. It is our goal to find the right boat for you. Personal and good service; this is what we offer, and certainty is an important factor in this. With us, you buy your boat in the safest possible way.