Yacht Brokerage: Sell your boat simply and quickly.

Would you like to sell your boat? Naturally, you want this process to occur in a professional and reliable manner. Jachtmakelaardij Kappers provides you with that certainty. We will handle your boat with the greatest care and deal with the complete selling process – from start to finish. There is nothing that you need to worry about. We provide the quality that you expect.

How does it work?

Of course, you want to sell your boat as quickly as possible and for the best possible price. You have the option to leave your boat at its own berth or use the sales marina in Willemstad, whereby the latter offers the highest chance of selling your boat.

In both situations, we will come to your boat for an intake, a valuation, and for making an extensive photoreport and detailed description of your yacht. Thereafter, your boat is promoted on more than 25 websites; both at home and abroad.

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      Leave your telephone number and we will call you back.

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      Comfort package All Inclusive package
      Intake on board (incl. valuation, photoreport and detailed description) V V
      Your boat will be advertised on more than 25 websites in the Netherlands and abroad V V
      Handling inquiries V V
      Sales progress V V
      Negotiations with buyers V V
      Legal and financial settlement (transactions run through third parties account) V V
      Berth Private berth Free berth in sales marina
      Cleaning by: (without VAT) Owner Jachtmakelaardij Kappers, 85 without VAT p/m (11-12 mtr)
      Viewings are provided by: Owner Jachtmakelaardij Kappers
      Brokers fee, based on the sales price (without VAT) 5%, minimum of € 4.000 6%, minimum of € 4.500
      No cure – no pay V V
      You can continue to use your boat Yes Yes

      Working together to sell your boat

      Although we guide the entire sales process, this does not mean that you do not play a role in the selling process.

      To sell your boat as quickly as possible, it is wise, to get the boat ready to be sold. We will advise you about how this is done best. To give an example, it could be sensible to clear items from your boat or just add some furnishing elements. Cleaning the hull or teak deck can also make a significant difference. We can advise you how to do this, but also take care of it for you. Subsequently, we create an extensive photoreport and draw up the specifications.

      Once you have agreed to the specifications, we will place your boat online and share your advertisement on more than 25 websites. After you’ve agreed to an offer, made by a potential buyer, we will take care of the contractual and financial settlement.

      Should you want to continue to make use of your boat during the selling process, you’re more than welcome! We wouldn’t want to take that pleasure away from you.

      To keep you up to date with the sale developments, you regularly receive a so called activity report from us. In this report, you can see who visited your boat, who called, which emails were sent/received, etc.

      With Jachtmakelaardij Kappers, you do not need to have any worries about the sale of your boat.

      Our extensive network and the fact that we are in contact with boat owners and visitors six days a week, we can often very quickly make a match. That is the advantage of a yacht broker who knows what is going on in the market

      Your advantages when using our yacht mediation

      You will enjoy several other benefits, when you decide to use of the services of Jachtmakelaardij Kappers in order to sell of your boat:

      • You select the programme that suits you best;
      • You can continue to make use of your boat during the selling process;
      • The sale will be realised faster than if by trying to sell it yourself;
      • Your boat will be brought to the attention of a wide network of potential buyers;
      • You are ensured of a good price and a reliable sale;
      • We exchange. This means that there is a larger group of interested parties, allowing us to make the selling of a boat faster.

      Exchange your boat

      You can (part) exchange your current boat with us. The solution for many people who would like to take the step but don’t want to have the worry and costs of possessing two boats, or who don’t want to be without a boat, in case they already sold their boat but haven’t found another one yet.

      Would you like to have a different type of boat, or perhaps a larger boat? Everything is possible. We will gladly take your boat in exchange, giving you the choice of more than fifty other boats. This way, you always have a boat, and you don’t have to pay for two ships at the same time. Please share your thoughts with us and we will provide the certainty you need.

      Would you also like a carefree sale of your boat? Feel free to contact us.